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How Can I Support The Rainbow Family &  Friends Club

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Mission Statement

We are a social and philanthropic group providing and promoting activities/causes for the LGBTQ+ community and allies while striving to build an inclusive and diverse environment in and around The Villages, FL.

Target Audience

  LGBTQ+ and allies.

Vision Statement

We strive to build an inclusive and diverse community by providing and promoting social, philanthropic, educational, entertainment and recreational activities for LGBTQ+ people and allies in and around The Villages, FL.

Content:  We sponsor weekly gatherings plus operate a website, Facebook page, & weekly email publications to keep interested individuals informed on social, sports, entertainment opportunities specifically designed to bring the LGBTQ+ community & our supporters together.  


Please join us at:


Our Website:


Facebook Page: 

Rainbow Family & Friends of The Villages, FL

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Our Calendar:

(Please call in advance to verify event is still on, prior to going!)

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